Growth Of Social Media Marketing

Growth Of Social Media Marketing

Introduction to social media marketing: Social media marketing refers to internet marketing which involves creating and sharing content on various social media networks, to achieve marketing and branding business. Social media marketing or SMM includes activities like posting image updates, text and videos and other content that collects audience engagement as well as paid advertising on social media. Over past decade, we have seen that social media marketing have become one of the most widely used digital marketing techniques today. It began as a method which was mostly limited to Business to consumer companies and today it has continued to expand across industries and is now utilized by every type of organization, regardless of background.

We saw the role of social media marketing expand beyond lead generation and brand awareness, in 2018. Some of the core objectives of social marketing have changed and shifted with a greater emphasis on customer experience leading much of the change. Nowadays, social media is most important to diagnose recent trends, acknowledge what other businesses are doing, and understand how to properly use social media to endorse your brand. The most attractive quality of social media marketing is that, businesses can implement new campaigns, regardless of the size of the business and video content can be created and shared, which is a major driving force of recent marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

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Marketing on social media is helpful, only if you have real and active followers, likes on your social media profiles, otherwise it is of no use. To endorse your brands on social media, it is most important to attract audience on your profiles. There are various sources available on internet to increase your social media presence. Impact of Social media in marketing: Social media has majorly impacted millions of peoples and business across the world. A revolutionary change has been seen in the way that peoples connect and communicate. Traditional marketing systems such as TV commercials, print ads and the radio are completely outmoded now and demand for thousands of dollars.

However, using social media, businesses can directly contact their customers for free. Using various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, you can easily lower your marketing cost to a significant level. Social media also had a great impact on Politics worldwide, as peoples are more aware about what is actually happening worldwide.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social media is an internet-based form of communication which allows users to have conversations, share information and create web content. Social media is used all over the world to share information and make new connections worldwide and lets users communicate with professionals from various other businesses. In case of business and marketing, social media plays a very important role, as it lets users cater to consumer needs and feedback at the earliest. Social media marketing can be done in many types including blogs, micro-blogs, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, wikis, social networking sites, pod-casts, and many more. The increase in the number of social media users worldwide can be seen in the graph given below.

Impact of social media on Business:

The companies which are using social media to accomplish business objectives had increase in annual sales growth, as per a study in America. Social media is being often used by small businesses as a communication platform to provide two way communications between a company and its consumers and stakeholders. This supports company processes and objectives including product marketing, cost control initiatives, customer relationship management, market research, public-relations, and sales and recruiting and many other factors. The main advantage of social media is to create a strong relationship between a company and its customers. Using social media, the product can be directly marketed to consumers.

Growth of Social Media Marketing:

The New Year will certainly be a big one in terms of social-centric marketing campaigns as surveys have shown that around 70% of professionals’ marketers worldwide are looking to invest on social media for increasing their brand growth. The ease with which businesses can implement new campaigns, regardless of the size of the business, is the most attractive quality of social media marketing. The one can easily create, share and promote the content using images or videos which are major driving force of recent marketing strategies.

In a study it was indicated that more that 80% of 1200 marketers want to create and share more images and video content in upcoming year, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The growing accentuation on video and the ease of incorporating social media platforms are going to take social media marketing to new heights. There’s no doubt, we can say that social media has became the leading marketing activity for digital marketers in terms of spends and number of campaigns. According to survey in 2017, it was indicated that more 70% of the professionals worldwide, consider social media to be their number one digital marketing tactic. There’s no sign of this marketing trend to stop, and soon American marketers may be echoing these beliefs.


You can say Social media marketing is the new word of mouth and there is no alternate for social media marketing for individuals and business. Social media marketing has become the basic need of the companies to grow up their brand and increase sales. Thousands of companies worldwide are using Social media to market their products and to have a better connect with their customers, as it also helps company to build their brand image. One can easily grow up his brand on social media, if he/she is familiar with social media marketing. Apart from this all, the most important factor that affects your brands to grow up is, the fan following or audience on your social media profiles. That is if you don’t have sufficient followers or likes on your social media profiles, it is of no use, as your posts won’t be visible to any audience.

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