How Does Paid YouTube Advertisements Work?

How Does Paid YouTube Advertisements Work?

Do you currently collaborate or cross-promote with another channel? If so, you can target each other’s existing audiences easily with remarketing via Adwords for video. To do this, the partner channel will need to link their YouTube account to your AdWords account. To cross-promote:

How Does Paid YouTube Advertisements Work

Set up targeting in your AdWords for video campaign:

  1. Create a remarketing list of all the viewers or subscribers of your collaborating channel.
  2. Create a list of your current subscribers.
  3. Then, create a custom combination of all viewers/subscribers to the collaborating channel that aren’t subscribed to your channel.

Create cross-promotional ads for your ad campaign:

  1. Create an InStream ad or channel trailer that features both of your channels.
  2. Clearly explain why their audience would be interested in your content.
  3. Make sure your ad calls the viewer to subscribe.

When you create your ads in your AdWords for video campaign, you can choose where the viewer’s browser goes after they click on your video. The web address you enter is called a “Destination URL.” Make sure this URL helps you meet the goal of your promotion:

  1. To drive subscriptions: You can send viewers to your subscription page with your InStream ad to encourage new subscriptions. Use this page as your Destination URL:[insert your channel here]
  2. To drive views to specific videos: If you’d like to help drive views to a specific video (to help you earn more revenue on that video, for example), you can send viewers to specific videos within a playlist rather than a stand-alone watch page. Use this page as your Destination URL:[the video ID]&list=[the playlist ID]

Through paid ad campaigns with AdWords for video, you’ll be able to introduce your channel to a broader audience on YouTube and help convert more viewers to subscribers. Set your ad campaign up for success by creating ads that clearly convey your channel’s creative mission. You can then use AdWords targeting tools to promote your channel to specific groups of viewers on YouTube.


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