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Buy 10 YouTube Comments

Importance of YouTube Comments

The key to success on the Internet is creating high-quality content that people want to view and share with their network. If you have a good interaction with your audience and your audience keeps on coming back to add more comments, your views, Youtube Adsense revenue, and subscriber numbers, all grow. That’s why it’s important to have a lot of comments in your comments section and that is what our service provides when you buy 10 YouTube comments from us. It gives your brand the much required exposure by increasing the views on your videos. Now with the recent changes made by google, YouTube gives more power to the creators of the video.

Why Should You Buy 10 YouTube Comments?

YouTube is enough a source to make you and your brand go viral overnight and the biggest role in doing this is of YouTube comments. 10 comments are also enough to start a loop of comments, which helps to bring in more comments. Also, for starters if you are not sure about this service and are skeptical of paying , then you can buy 10 YouTube comments to test this service. provides this service to their customers who are willing to explore the service but not interested in paying much. This will build your trust in the service and later you can buy more.

What are the Benefits You Get with YouTube Comments?

YouTube creators have a bit more control over their comments section with these 6 new tools.

1. Pinning Comments

Similar to how you can pin tweets to the top of your timeline, YouTube now lets you pin a comment to the top of your feed. This lets you highlight great engagement from your fans.

2. Giving a Heart to Great Comments

Whenever you see a comment you like, you can give it some love. YouTube now lets you give a heart to comments.

3. Highlighting Your Username

YouTube is adding what it calls a “pop of color” around your username whenever you post a comment on your channel. This is so your viewers can easily tell that the comment is coming from you.

4. Opting in to YouTube’s Comment Algorithm

If you choose to opt-in, comments identified by the algorithm will be held and you have the final decision whether to approve, hide, or report these comments

5. Creating a Blacklist

If you want to block any phrases, just add them to your Blacklist. Any comments containing or closely matching the specific words you’ve added to Blacklist will be held for your review.

6. Choosing Moderators

YouTube has let creators assign multiple moderators to a channel. Any user with a YouTube channel can become a moderator.

These new additional features are part of YouTube’s initiative on further helping content creators have more control over their channels and maybe a way to get more content creators on this platform.

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