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Starter Packages

Buyviews offers you packages to buy followers for Instagram that will help in some real engagement. So leave your social media concerns with us and enjoy the benefits! We are offering you a perfect marketing and branding strategy to optimize your digital presence with our quality services, instant delivery and affordable prices.

We let you target the market better and find some amazing engagement. Every Instagrammer aims to build engagement and enhance organic traffic to improve revenues. Buyviews offers you 8 packages that will help you create a niche. Starting from just $2.99, you can buy real followers for your account.

Pro Packages

Looking For Customized Package?

We also offer customized discounts, and to get to know more about these personalized packs,
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How does it work?

Buying Instagram followers is the top way to establish your Instagram account in the social media world. Your followers will help you attain star status. is an all-in-one service provider that boosts your organic reach by offering amazing customized services that suit your needs! The followers we provide for Instagram are real, vetted for the best quality, and we are always there to assist you. What you need to do is:

Select the package

Buyviews offers you customized packages to get real and loyal Instagram followers. Our package starts from just $2.99. Choose the packages as per your needs. We offer as low as 100 Instagram followers to a bulk buy of 15k followers for just $110.99.

Fill in your account details

Once you select the desired package from our wide selection, the next step is to register yourself for the purchase. You must fill out a registration form to buy Instagram followers. Buyviews respects your privacy, and we will never ask for any passwords or any confidential information.

Payment is done; your followers are reaching you soon!

The followers start appearing on your account as soon as our backend receives the payment. All these followers are 100% real and provide genuine engagement.

Why Should You Buy Instagram
Followers $1?

Instagram has undoubtedly turned out to become one of the biggest online platforms to showcase your brands. Boasting over a billion users per month, it is being actively used by celebrities, multinational brands, leaders, and the common man to portray their thoughts. Instagram users love using the platform.

The power of Instagram is well-known to every entrepreneur. It is an innovative way to build strong brands, reach out to new audiences, and market products. Instagram campaigns are a success depending upon your number of followers.

The Instagram algorithm promotes an Instagram account with a higher view count. Buying Instagram followers helps you get an initial boost as these real people will explore the page and promote your content. Growing engagement and having a higher amount of followers is a huge part of the online marketing strategy. The followers watch your video and Instagram stories and enhance your online presence.

Here are some reasons why you should buy Instagram followers:

Fast and Proven method of marketing

In simple words, buying Instagram followers is the easiest way to gain some traction for your account. Many ways can be adopted to gain an organic follower base, but a high-quality follower base can help you get a good start. Organic growth takes a lot of time and may not yield the desired results. Buying followers will get you the desired Instagram profile that can help your content go viral.

Where to buy instagram followers

Perfect for a New Account

If you are new to Instagram and have recently started your page, buying Instagram followers can get you the perfect start. Building up an organic fan base for the account is hard and may take a lot of time. This is the reason why new users opt to buy some real and genuine Instagram followers for their accounts. Buying followers can give a boost to your account.

Increase Instagram Followers

Increases Your Reach

Increased engagement on your account helps your brand to reach out to a wider audience. This large number of followers helps your posts to go viral and appear on the feeds of many users. It will also get you more organic followers.

Better Engagement

Better Engagement

Buying followers gets you increased engagement and better interactions with your account. High-quality followers are the key to gaining engagement, and buying them gets you quick success.

Boosts Performance

Boosts Performance

A large number of Instagram followers will also boost your account’s performance and give a strong impression. People follow accounts that have a good fan following. Your account looks trustworthy and professional. It can help your account get bigger and bigger by creating a great marketing opportunity for your brand. Buying Instagram followers can do the trick for you. It will help you gain engagement and build up a great online presence.

Buying these Instagram followers from a trusted site is a must. Buyviews is one of the top sites for all your social media needs. We offer genuine Instagram followers at affordable prices. All the followers are 100% real and pre-checked for quality. As a result, you get real engagement from across the globe.

At Buyviews, we gather fame and popularity for your account within a short time and offer you much more than expected.

Packages for Instagram followers
available at

Instagram has risen to become one of the finest tools for showcasing your brand to the target audience. But, creating a niche for yourself on Instagram is a tedious task, and you may require some boost to get started. Everyone loves to build long-term connections.

Instagram is indeed a great platform to showcase your brand. However, having a low number of followers will never get your posts the reach that is needed to go viral. It will never show on other users’ feeds.

The number of followers is proof that your handle is popular. Buying Instagram followers is common, but can you buy Instagram followers from any random website? You desire to get high-quality, real Instagram followers at an affordable price. This is where buying Instagram followers from Buyviews comes into the picture.

buy 1000 instagram followers 1

We offer you 8 customized packages starting from just $2.99. You can buy 100 to 15k followers with just a click and get the fastest possible delivery of real followers.

How to increase followers on your Instagram account

It’s a new age, and who isn’t on Instagram? Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms, and its interesting features grab the audience’s attention. However, getting a huge follower base on Instagram cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. You need to get viral if you want to be noticed.

However, you notice that people gain a lot of popularity on the platform. Some even become Instagram influencers that are the style icons for millions. Therefore, a good follower base is the key to success on Instagram.

Are you looking to increase your follower base on Instagram? Then let us see some important ingredients to make your Instagram account a high-quality page. These smart tips will let you enjoy the benefits of stardom:

Increase Followers On Instagram

1. Increase audience engagement

The content you post must be updated constantly and should be relevant and entertaining so as to create an interest within your audience. A simple post may not make any noise and may not be liked by the majority of people. But a picture of making a style statement will make the users like, comment, and share it further.

You need to be updated with the different trends. You need to be a part of these ongoing trends and make some noise. It is then that you will get more followers for your account.

Use Instagram reels

2. Use Instagram reels

Instagram has some amazing features that attract the audience. Reels are one such feature that is both user-friendly and business-friendly. Reels are small 15 seconds videos to give a glimpse to your audience about what you stand for. The majority of people love watching reels. It is easy to watch, and you get hooked to these chains of reels on your feed.

However, your content needs to be interesting. Otherwise, people would lose interest in watching these reels. Instagram reels have a driving force to increase organic followers as the viewers get attracted to this creativity. They act as a perfect social marketing strategy.

Instagram stories

3. Use of Instagram stories

If you are not well versed in creating the Insta reels, then you can engage your audience through Insta stories. You can share a glimpse of your daily life through the Instagram storyboard. People prefer to scroll through the stories compared to the feed as these stories appear at the top of the Instagram app. Remember, the stories should be amazing so that the audience gets glued to your page.

As a result, they start following your Instagram account. With several filters, features, and layouts, you can put on the creative hat and attract a lot of organic followers. Constantly uploading stories attracts Instagram algorithms. It is a great tool to market and make your announcements and promotions.

buy followers

4. Be thoughtful towards the audience

On the Instagram platform, it is a big favour that the followers stay loyal to your page. So you must feel obliged and return the favour by creating some amazing content. In addition, you must carry out Instagram giveaways and ask the followers to comment, like, and share your posts to win a freebie. These strategies attract a wider audience, and they follow your page to win goodies.

So now you know various ways to get Instagram followers. These are organic ways, but you may even resort to buying Instagram followers for some quick success. All you need is buying real followers from a genuine site to gain the desired engagement. Then, if you have the quality and talent, you can certainly become an Instagram star.


Here you can view all the most frequently asked questions.

Are all Instagram followers real?

Buying from an authentic source like Buyviews offers you a guarantee of real followers. However, some sites provide bot followers at a very low price. You should not buy from such sites even if the low costs lure you. It is a trap, and the reliability of your account goes down the drain.

What Are The Payment Options?

We accept numerous payment options, including direct Bank payments, debit and credit cards, Apple pay, etc. We accept all types of cards, including MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express etc.) We also accept other payment options like Money transfers and payment portals. All these portals are encrypted and 100% safe.

Will Instagram ban my accounts if I buy followers?

This is a common question, but it is not true. Instagram will not ban the accounts if you buy followers. All that is needed is to buy real and engaging followers and not get in the trap of bot accounts that may lead to credibility issues.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, buying Instagram followers is completely legal, and many websites are selling them. No action will be taken against your account if you buy Instagram followers. However, your Instagram account must not violate the set guidelines or post any content that is objectionable.

Are there benefits of buying Instagram followers?

Many brands resort to buying Instagram followers because of the inherent benefits they get. By buying followers, you get an instant boost, save your efforts, stay ahead of your competitors, and create trust.

Which are the countries you sell Instagram followers for?

We are dealing in all the countries where Instagram is operational. Our presence is across the globe, and we have satisfied clients worldwide. Our client service is our priority, and we are there to help you 24*7.

Would you need my Instagram password?

No, Buyviews does not ask for any passwords. Your privacy is our priority, and we do not need your Instagram password for any transactions. All the information is kept secret. Buyviews is the best place to purchase real followers.

How do I buy Instagram followers?

When buying Instagram followers, you must make sure you buy from a verified and trusted website. It makes your account popular, and your account reaches out to more and more people, increasing your organic traffic in the later stages. Always go for real followers, and don’t get lured by cheap packages.

How soon do I get these followers?

It totally depends on how soon you process the payment. Once you select the package and make the payments, we deliver the followers without any delay. We offer the fastest instant deliveries at affordable prices. If you have selected a small package, it gets converted instantly, and if you have selected a bigger one, it may take a few hours to get delivered.

Will I lose any followers which I bought?

No, generally, there is no drop in the followers as all these accounts are quality checked. They are real accounts and not fake. If at any stage you are unsatisfied with our services, we offer you a money-back guarantee too.

How many packages do you offer?

Buyviews is one of the top sites that offer some amazing engagement for your page. We offer 8 customized packages starting from 100 followers to 15k followers at the best, affordable rates. The packages start from $2.99 to $110.99 with 100% confidentiality. In addition, you get instant delivery of your followers.

Can others see that I have brought followers?

No one will ever know that you brought some followers. We never share private information, so be assured about the confidentiality of the transactions. All your followers are genuine, and you can see them within a few hours of purchase.

How safe is it to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is very safe. It has no adverse results at all if you buy high-quality followers from trusted websites. It helps you become an Instagram star in a short span of time. We believe in 100% real and authentic services for all our clients.

Why buying from is safe?

Although Instagram may not be the only app that is a beneficial marketing tool for businesses, to overlook its popularity and reach is impossible. With over 750 million+ users, it is the place to be. There are various sites to buy Instagram followers at a cheap price and may even offer instant delivery, but what needs to be understood is that these followers need to be real!

Buying from us gives you a huge advantage when it comes to advertising your business, creating a marketing strategy, and building your brand image, as all our followers are 100% authentic and quality checked. We specialize in all these social media services and help you build a reliable profile. You need to buy Instagram followers from and just not worry about the authenticity of your followers.

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