User Privacy The New Catch In Social Media

User Privacy The New Catch In Social Media

One thing that Cambridge Analytica scandal has stirred on the global social media platform apart from shaking the mighty facebook empire is that it has started a new wave of attention towards the much avoided topic of user privacy. For ages Governments and other people in power have tried hard to penetrate the privacy of the masses and whenever things like this happened people have reacted and revolted as the one thing that is dear to any sane human being is the privacy.

Social media was a great revolution that swept the whole world. People found new favourite pastime with the social media mediums specially the facebook. Facebook is no doubt the greatest inventions of our times. As much we love or hate it we know for the fact that we cannot live without it. It has become a medium for venting out our fears desires and aspirations. It has enabled us to be friends with people who are literally at the other end of the world and it has indeed build bridges between people. It has also become an instrument in showing the personal and professional growth we have endured and it has indeed become a social bonding catalyst.

So being so close to their hearts and minds people trusted facebook with their lives and even shared their darkest secrets through facebook. Of course in the belief of privacy and in anticipation that facebook would be the safest place to rest their thought and beliefs.

User Privacy The New Catch In Social Media

The Day when the faith shattered

The hell broke loose on December 2015, when the new agency ‘The guardian’ reported that United States Senator Ted Cruz was using data from this scandal and told the readers that the users are unaware that the politicians are buying their useful data from the facebook. To further agitate the matter the whistle blower Christopher Wyile gave the detailed information about the data leaks. This created a huge public outrage and people’s faith was shattered with this incident.

It was revealed that this data was used in many countries to change the mindset of the people and use it for the political benefit. People became sceptical of Facebook and were angry because of the breach of trust. Campaigns such as delete Facebook were started and people were urged to delete their respective facebook accounts. It is indeed a hot topic around the world.

Aftermaths and damage control

The Cambridge Analytica scandal was indeed a bad chapter in the book of facebook and social media as a whole. It was also scary for the social media world. The faith lost is beyond repair and facebook indeed was at the receiving end after this. Mark zuckerberg has to face the wrath of the congress as he has to appear before the committee. He also had to issue many apologies to the people. All in all it was a bad dream for facebook from which it needs to wake up. The good thing is that after this facebook would act maturely and put the matter of privacy to its high priority list.

As for the common people it is now hard to have the same faith we had earlier in facebook and to be frank we could never trust the social media giant now. But does that mean that I would delete it. No, Of course not, to be frank we have reached a phase were it is impossible to think life without facebook. So I would rather give facebook another chance.

It is unlikely that the privacy would be 100% guaranteed as in a cyber world nothing that is online can be safe.

What can be done on our side to be safe?

Well as an aware user it is our duty to ourselves and our loved ones that we keep our social media profiles as secretive as possible. There are few points that should be kept in mind to avoid any unwanted problem or worry:

1. Avoid any political inclination:

Social media is a very attractive platform where we are compelled to sideline with a particular ideology or party. It can seem rather harmful but the truth is that analytical agencies are hired by the political parties to understand your stand. It becomes a curse when the people against whom you have spewed venom come to power. As they have the data, they can harm you and your family.

2. Avoid personnel details:

Social media should never be used to share your personal details like relationship status, bank account details or any valuable thing you possess. This may give unwanted attention and people can barge into your house and harm you.

3. Avoid Location tracker:

Social media should never be informed of your active location as thieves and robbers may rob you of your valuables when you are partying out.

4. Avoid befriending strangers:

Social media is a very dangerous place if not dealt with caution. We should always accept friend request from people whom we know and are aware of their surroundings. As befriending someone strange can be very dangerous and can put you in devil’s harm.

5. Keep a tab on children:

Social media can play havoc in the lives of young minds; they can be easily manipulated and bullied on social media. Games like blue whale challenge are prime examples of this. W should always be aware of their friends on social media and always be vigilant of the behaviour pattern of the child.

6. Don’t video chat with strangers:

The video chatting can be extremely dangerous as it shows the criminal the surrounding and map of your house and rooms.

So we see that these are few points which can be kept in mind. Social media is the reality of today and we cannot run away from it. Facebook, Instagram, snap chat etc are now a integral part of our being. So don’t part from it but rather be attentive and cautions so that you enjoy and also be safe.

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